Monday, February 28, 2011

One Thing After Another

After spending a beautiful weekend with loved ones, I was brought back down to Earth quite rudely. Driving through my hometown, I noticed that all of the prices at the gas stations had gone up at least twenty cents. After making it home and trying to my boyfriend stay at my house as long as possible, I settled into my room for a peaceful evening. The first thing I noticed when I turned on my 3 year old Dell laptop was that a corner of the screen was darker than the rest, this on top of the fan making scary noises constantly. So, we start Monday with a head full of worries.

I drive to my community college, fail the homework assignment due to minor details, and pass the quiz with flying colors. I really hate Microsoft Office 2007, and this class just makes it worse. It's been storming heavily, and I'm driving home on the interstate when I hear this grinding sound which soon becomes a loud roar. I'm decelerating. The entire car is shaking. After glancing around and making sure there were no tornadoes attacking me, no 18-wheelers bearing down on me, I pull over and turn on my hazard lights. Call up my dad, ask him to pick me up, wait. Let me give you background info: Firstly, I know absolutely nothing about cars. Secondly, about a year ago, my younger sister punctured the back right tire while driving around in the yard while the tire was already flat. She was 14, and most people are pretty stupid at 14. However, both my mom and my brother have knocked the transmission out of the car by racing over speed bumps, so I really don't know what is going on with my car. By the time my dad gets to the 20 year old minivan from my house, he kicks me out of the driver's seat and we drive home with a flat tire. No transmission dragging behind us, just a flat tire. I've been calm this entire time, but once I finally get home, I call up my boyfriend in hysterics. It was a bit of an ordeal, and my family was just so proud of me for not flipping out; I had to boohoo to someone. Needless to say, my boyfriend is a really nice guy.

The point of the story is this (I promise I have one): family is what gets you through. The government is bearing down on us, everyone is broke, jobs are scarce, times are hard. There's no way we'll be able to get through this alone. As much as my family drives me crazy, they still love me, and for the most part I love and tolerate them. Mostly tolerate. And as many times as I've probably driven my boyfriend crazy with my emotions and tendency to cry and freak out, he still loves me and I love him. Things will get better, but until they do, we need to help each other out, starting with family. We're here to serve, so let's start with those closest.

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