Monday, February 28, 2011

Valentine's Day

Oh, that one day in February that brings so many expectations. I work in a grocery store, so the 14th of this month I rang up tons of chocolates and flowers and cards that will be eaten and wilt and be tucked away into underwear drawers. I didn't get flowers for Valentine's, and while I was mildly disappointed (the boyfriend will insist that I was hysterical. Don't listen to him.), I got something much better.

For my boyfriend, we'll call him Mox from now on, I got him a very unique gift. One thing about Mox is he LOVES bread. Good bread, fresh bread, etc. So, I called up a local bakery in his town and paid for 8 loaves of bread for him to pick up whenever they baked them fresh. A really cute, sweet, thoughtful gift that was out of the ordinary.

Well, the day came and went. Nothing. Weeks went by with no talk of a gift. I was saddened. Soon, we planned for him to come up a day at the end of the month (Mox lives about 2 hours away). He kept assuring me that he had the gift under control; my sister and parents kept telling me to dump him. By way of some unusual circumstances, we got to be together much sooner than planned, and we had a whole weekend together. Through some hint dropping, I didn't know if he was getting me an iPod or supermarket flowers. He's really vague.

The first thing we do is head to Wal-mart, where we pick up some Magic the Gathering playing cards. It's a game in which you are a sort of sorcerer, and you battle other sorcerers. Cards determine your powers and army and stuff; it's really complicated and taken very seriously by those who play it. One 12 pack of YooHoos and 4 games later, I'm addicted. I even beat him my very first game(with help and him going easy on me). I can't wait until we go to a local game store and buy more cards. It's too much fun.

The next day, we get up sort of early and I soon fully realize what his next plan is: teaching me how to roller skate. I had mentioned how I wanted to learn before, but there are a few problems with this. I hate pain, and I am entirely uncoordinated. After 2 hours, we are unsuccessful. I'm too scared to let go of him, and I keep losing my balance. Four year olds whiz past us at inhuman speeds. However, that Mox was patient enough to try and teach me means a lot. Also he didn't mind me frantically clutching at his arms and back and chest and shoulders every time I thought I might fall (which is every time I moved.) Before we left the rink, he raced with some of the other rink patrons and came in third. I got to gloat to the moms of the four year olds that it was my boyfriend who came in third. I was so proud.

Over all, the entire weekend was amazing. I got to spend time with my favorite person in the world, and I came to appreciate him more. Valentine's Day shouldn't be some obligatory chore for men to buy ridiculously priced arrangements, and be condemned to the dog house if they don't. It should be a celebration of that one person that you really think is neat. You can't put a monetary value on love, and we shouldn't let ourselves as consumers try to. Leave the paper valentines with overused phrases to the school kids. Instead of generic flowers and candy that, yes, I would have appreciated anyways, I got an experience that I will always keep with me, and a hobby to share with my dear Mox. My parents don't understand the significance of those playing cards, but to me, they are better than a thousand valentines.


  1. Mox, Is his name Max by any chance? I should have been a code breaker.

  2. haha, actually it's not Max. His favorite Magic card is called "Mox Opal", and I'm trying to give all of my family/friends aliases that begin with "M". So far, we have Marfa(myself), Melanie(my younger sister), and Mox(my boyfriend).