Thursday, February 10, 2011

How 'bout them Egyptians?

So here's the thing guys and gals. I love terrorism. No, really. Actually, I really like studying it. Learning about it, researching it, determining why it happened, and telling other people about it. It's not just terrorism, though. Any act of rebellion, war, violence, anarchy, tyranny, revolution, martyrdom. It all makes for very nice reading material, imo. In this blog, I plan on linking great articles on what's happening in the world of violence, but occasionally tossing in macros of kittens lined in glitter. I mean, I am a girl.

And, to kick things off, here's a link to all you need to know about the current Egypt's military:

For those who don't really know what's going on in everyone's favorite Bible setting, it took me a while to really put everything together. Between the mixed signals I'd been getting from news sources and other blogs, I really didn't understand why exactly citizens of Egypt were so darn mad. To add to my confusion, no one on Facebook was contributing any kind of information on the subject, which led me to believe it must not be that big of a deal. But it is a big deal. The people of Egypt have been calling for the downfall of their dictator president, Hosni Mubarak. Finally, after all the riots, deaths, protests, and police brutality, it is rumored that Mubarak will be handing over his power. The people have been calling for a more civilian-run government, as opposed to the military-ruled version that has been in control for the past six decades. Riots have been happening on and off since the 70's, but the events that have transpired since January 25th make these seem insignificant. To complicate matters, almost a quarter of Egypt's population is under the poverty line; 40% of women and 17% of men are illiterate. And on top of all of this, Egypt is one of the U.S.'s allies, and receives millions of dollars in aid every year. The price of our food and our gasoline have the possibility of skyrocketing, which will destroy the already fragile economic recovery. All in all, the world is in a pretty unstable place right now. I'm pretty glad I didn't take out any student loans; one more thing to worry about, right?

Questions? Comments? Testimonies?


  1. Yeah, I've been keeping up with the Egypt stuff and I'm really interested as well. I just hope the ideology stays put over there.

  2. its like saddam in iraq but in egypt basically.. the reign this mubarak has bought has bought the country to a fued!!

  3. I really like finally getting something laid out and explained. Though I do have something to add.

    From a friend of mine that is very in the current Egyptian events, another problem that the previous leaders were all known to be tolerant of Israel. If the new leader that comes to power is not so tolerant, then serious problems would more than likely occur. I'll google it further when I have more time, but just as an interjection.
    Little land mass, so much drama.

  4. Yeah, it shocks me to think that a country as tiny as Israel is (about 1/8 of Florida) is in the global news pretty much daily. It's known that Mubarak was working towards peace with Israel, but now they aren't sure what will happen...

  5. Interesting stuff, keep posting more stuff like this.

  6. Seems like there was a victory over there, but now the question remains on what will become of Egypt. My best wishes to the people of that country.